Mixed 1st

The Mixed 1st Team are in Division 1 of the York and District League.
The fixtures for this season are shown in the table below.

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Fixtures for 2022

Date Opposition Home or Away
 May 3rd  Wigginton 2  Home
 May 10th  Fulford 1  Away
 May 24th  York 1  Home
 May 31st  Wetherby 1  Away
 June 7th  Poppleton 1  Home
 June 13th  York 2  Away
 June 22nd  Wigginton 2  Away
 June 28th  Fulford 1  Home
 July 12th  York 1  Away
 July 19th  Wetherby 1  Home
 July 27th  Poppleton 1  Away
 August 2nd  York 2  Home