Ladies 1st

The Ladies 1st Team are in Division 1 of the Fulford Ladies Invitation Tennis League.

Ladies 1st Team – Back row from left, Eleanor Bradshaw, Lorraine Waudby and Julie Noonan. Front Row, Denise Crane, Sarah Blacker and Yvonne Petruso

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Fixtures for 2019
Date Opposition Home or Away
 April 26th  Fulford 1  Home 6:30pm
 May 5th  Dunnington 1  Away 1pm
 May 10th  York 1  Home 6:30pm
 May 18th  Starbeck  Away 10am
 May 31st  David Lloyd 1  Home 6:30pm
 June 8th  Pocklington  Away 9:30am
 June 15th  Wetherby 1  Away 2:30pm
 June 23rd  Fulford 1  Away 10am
 June 28th  Dunnington 1  Home 6:30pm
 July 6th  York 1  Away 9:30am
 July 12th  Starbeck  Home 6:30pm
 July 20th  David Lloyd 1  Away 10am
 July 26th  Pocklington  Home 6:30pm
 August 2nd  Wetherby 1  Home 6:30pm